Do you rent your properties in Murcia for tourist use?

Do you rent your properties in Murcia for tourist use?

PROMEDIA HOMES, in its effort to provide excellent service to its customers, wishes to report on the new "Decree for the regulation of housing for tourist use in the Region of Murcia" that has been published recently. Many of our clients have properties in Murcia and the long seasons in which they are not in Spain tend to rent them tourism.

This is an excellent option to earn an income and meet the maintenance costs of a home, such as supplies, taxes, community of owners, mortgage, etc.

Last October , the new regulations for the rental of properties in Murcia for tourist use were published in the Official Gazette of the Region of Murcia .

We offer you a summary with the most important points of this new decree with the wish that you can have updated to the new regulations the properties in Murcia that you allocate to accommodation for tourist use.

The increase in private accommodation as a tourist use is mainly due to new ways of traveling, where a more direct relationship with the inhabitants of the visited place is desired, and at the most economical price. There are two types of properties that can be rented as tourist use:

  • Properties rented in its entirety
  • Properties rented by rooms

In this second case, the owner must reside in the house and share it with his tourist tenants.

How can you regularize your properties in Murcia for tourist rental?

To get up to date and regularize the situation of your properties in Murcia for tourist use you have a period of six months . The most important differences found in the new decree are summarized in:

  • Installation of a first aid medical kit
  • Placing a fire extinguisher in a visible and accessible place
  • Contract civil liability insurance for a minimum coverage of € 300,000
  • Increase in the languages of the poster announcing the complaint forms (Spanish, English and two other languages of free choice)

We insist on the obligation of contracting a civil liability insurance for a minimum claim coverage of € 300,000 covering possible risks caused by the tourist activity (bodily, material and economic damages).

Likewise, we remind you of the main characteristics that must be met by a dwelling for tourist use , that is, one that is temporarily assigned and through price to third parties for holiday purposes:

  • It will be in good condition, clean, furnished and equipped with appliances with instructions on its operation.
  • You will have lingerie, utensils, cutlery, ...
  • It will have tourist information of the region of Murcia and the town where it is located
  • It will have information in Spanish and English of the emergency telephone numbers and the person in charge of the accommodation
  • It will display the badge of its tourist classification

On the other hand, you should know that the law protects you in the event that users breach their obligations, which they will have been informed prior to signing the contract. In this case the owner or owner may require the abandonment of the property in twenty-four hours.

Do you want more information about the tourist rental of properties in Murcia?

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