Guide to buying a property in Spain

Guide to buying a property in Spain

Can you imagine this autumn walking along the shore of a beach of serene and transparent waters? Do you love the varied and healthy Spanish cuisine? Your greatest hope is to enjoy the sunny and mild winters of the Costa Blanca playing golf?

Both for its environmental conditions and for its magnificent infrastructure, Spain is an excellent country to live.

For this reason, thousands of citizens from various European countries choose to spend long holiday seasons or move after retirement to charming corners of the Costa Blanca and the Costa Calida of Spain.

But, previously, it is necessary to buy a home to make it your new home.

Buying a property in a country other than yours means facing an unknown language , different legislation and procedures that may be strange to us.

PROMEDIA HOMES has developed a simple “Guide to buy a property in Spain” , which is available to you, to simplify the process of buying your house in Spain.

We hope you find it helpful and we will be happy to assist you if you wish to expand your information.

Our highly qualified staff will solve all those questions you may have related to the Spanish real estate sector.

Guide to buying a property in Spain

PROMEDIA HOMES simplifies the process of buying your new house by providing a guide to buy a property in Spain

A very high percentage of foreigners who choose to reside in Spain, choose the Costa Blanca (Alicante) or the Costa Cálida (Murcia) due to its excellent weather conditions .

In this area, the climate is characterized by its long and hot summers, ideal to spend on the beach or in the pool. The nights are pleasant as they receive the refreshing sea breeze.

During winters, mild and sunny, the rainfall rate is practically zero, so any time is perfect to enjoy nature and outdoor sports.

1st Choice of location:

If you have chosen to buy a property in Spain, the first step is to decide the correct location of your new home based on your interests.

If you have doubts about the location you want to choose, a good solution is to rent a home in that area for a season.

That way you can check if the local infrastructure is healthy and meets your goals, taking into account:

  • Shops, supermarkets, medical centers, pharmacies,…
  • the proximity and easy access to the local airport
  • leisure venues and restaurants out of season
  • transport
  • proximity to your places of interest (beach, golf course, Yacht Club, ...)
  • Existence of residents from your country.
  • If you have small children you need schools, playgrounds, sports areas,…

2nd Type of Property:

Once you have decided on the location of your new home you must choose the type of property you prefer.

In PROMEDIA HOMES we have an extensive portfolio of properties on the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida.

We offer new construction or resale homes . We have properties:

  • by the sea
  • in front of the beach
  • in residential areas located in the countryside or mountains
  • next to a golf course
  • in urban centers
  • etc.

The houses that are in the construction phase offer you the opportunity to pay them in installments, as the work is carried out, which usually lasts an approximate period of a year and a half.

On the other hand, there is the option to buy your plot and build in it the fully customized home you want.

We have a selection of land in different locations for you to choose your favorite.

We will be happy to advise you throughout the work execution process to help you with municipal permits, works projects carried out by architects, the choice of technical management (riggers) and the builder, etc.

If you choose a house with community development you can enjoy magnificent common services such as swimming pool, garden areas, paddle tennis court, gym, etc.

But, you should keep in mind that the maintenance of these services implies an increase in the share of the community of owners.

Another aspect of great relevance that you should keep in mind when buying a home in Spain is the economic investment that you are going to make.

Although the property will be revalued over time, you can also rent your house for seasons that are not on vacation, thus achieving an increase in benefits.

Guide to buying a property in Spain

If you want to buy a property in Spain, trust the experience and professionalism of PROMEDIA HOMES

When you contact us you will be pleasantly surprised by our family and professional treatment.

We have a long experience in the real estate sector that we put at your service so that the purchase of a property in Spain is comfortable and simple.

To do this, our real estate agents speak your language fluently and will explain in detail all aspects of the purchase and procedures to be carried out.

The NIE application is mandatory to be able to buy the property . The Identification Number for Foreigners is needed, among other procedures, to:

  • open a bank account
  • get a mortgage
  • enroll children in school
  • Purchase or sale of a property
  • Etc.

We will carry out the purchase contract and we will contact the Notary.

The Notary ensures that all the stipulations that appear in the Deed of purchase of the home are met.

We will accompany you to the signing of the Purchase Deed to perform the duties of interpreter and that at no time have unresolved doubts.

At the time the Deed of purchase is signed, the payment of the house must be made. It is usually done through bank transfer.

If you need to request a mortgage, we will also advise you on the general requirements and we can advise you on the conditions offered by different banks.

Our professionals will also be in charge of informing you and / or managing other procedures such as submitting the Deed in the Property Registry and managing the payment of taxes derived from the purchase of a property:

  • VAT (10% or 21%)
  • Notary fees
  • Property Registration Fees
  • Etc.

Contact PROMEDIA HOMES, your real estate agency in Spain

We hope that our Guide to buying a property in Spain has been interesting for you.

We will be happy to assist you in our real estate if you want to buy a home on the Costa Blanca or the Costa Cálida.

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