Even with all the Brexit issues, the Brits and Germans are still in the lead of property buyers in Spain

Even with all the Brexit issues, the Brits and Germans are still in the lead of property buyers in Spain

The main reason why you decide to buy a house in a country different from yours is because you have the guarantee in advance that you will live as you wish.

Many times you have the recommendation of family or friends who have previously moved and inform you of the advantages of their new residence.

After a time of recognition of the new country where you have chosen to establish yourself, you will overcome the last section of this process with the purchase of a home.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the current political and economic situation related to Brexit and affecting the entire European Union, according to the College of Property Registrars, the Costa Blanca and the Costa Cálida of Spain are still the places chosen by thousands of European inhabitants, especially British and Germans, to buy a home.

For ten years the increase in the purchase of homes in Spain by citizens from other European countries has been constant and has quadrupled.

Both the pleasant sun that shines all year round in the Spanish southeast and its wonderful beaches are the main reasons why the Costa Blanca and the Costa Cálida of Spain are the preferred place to live for the inhabitants of other European countries.

The profile of the European citizen who buys a property on the Costa Blanca corresponds to the individual of medium or high purchasing power who is looking for a tourist residence to spend long holiday seasons or move to live after retirement.

For this reason, the purchase of a property on the Costa Blanca is usually done with own resources, and only in a small percentage, mortgages are requested to finance the purchase of a home.

At a general level, mortgages to finance the purchase of properties on the Costa Blanca usually correspond to the acquisition of higher quality homes, where the mortgage loan is effective because the buyer has sufficient guarantees.

The British buyer, despite the mistrust that Brexit has caused, continues to lead the list of foreign buyers of properties in Spain, followed by Germans, French, Belgians, Swedes, ...

 Even with all the Brexit issues, the Brits and Germans are still in the lead of property buyers in Spain

¿What are the reasons for a European citizen to buy a property on the Costa Blanca?

The bright sun that shines throughout the year on the unique Spanish beaches of the Costa Blanca is not enough reason for every year thousands of citizens of other European countries choose to buy a property on the Costa Blanca.

In addition to these unparalleled environmental conditions, in Spain you can enjoy numerous services and high quality facilities that will allow you to have a pleasant and comfortable lifestyle. Among the most relevant include:

  • Excellent communications by air with the principal airports in Europe. The Costa Blanca and Costa Calida airports have a large number of international flights.
  • Important network of motorways
  • Network of high-speed trains
  • Wide range of comercial, cultural and leisure activities (shopping centres, supermarkets, live music, beach concierts, historical cities….)
  • Exquisite Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Golf courses and top-level yacht clubs.
  • Health infrastructure of international recognition.
  • Multiple complementary activities.

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