Why do the villas for sale in Torrevieja have a great attraction for the US real estate market?

Why do the villas for sale in Torrevieja have a great attraction for the US real estate market?

Currently, there is a tendency to increase the acquisition of real estate properties in Spain by the American public. We want to make known the great attraction that our villas for sale in Torrevieja have for the North American client.

For some years now, the big investors of the USA and Canada have led a steady increase in purchases in the Spanish real estate market, basically in large capital cities such as Madrid or Barcelona and its area of influence.

Driven by this investment movement are more and more Americans who are interested in buying a home in Spain and take advantage of the power of the dollar against the weakness that currently crosses the euro.

His profile corresponds to an individual who surpasses the fifties and who looks for a place that is attractive to him to spend long vacation periods and where later he can establish himself when he reaches the age of retirement.

The ingrained habit that exists in North America of using the real estate portals of Internet for the search of a house facilitates notably the visit to the Spanish estate agents.

But why choose Spain among all European countries? Although there are many reasons that support this decision, can be summarized in three major blocks:

  • The improvement of the Spanish economy guarantees a potential of revaluation of the acquired property in the medium and long term.
  • The European real estate markets that offer equal quality of life conditions that Spain are more expensive.
  • In Spain you enjoy a high quality of life. You will see the unparalleled conditions of its services and infrastructures (health of international recognition, public transport, excellent air and land communications), as well as its surroundings (majestic beaches and Mediterranean mountains), its cheerful climate, its typical gastronomy and millenary culture.

The Costa Blanca is the charming and pleasant refuge you are looking for. We offer villas for sale in Torrevieja because we are sure that you will be enthusiastic about our customs, our folklore, and our way of having fun.

Why do the villas for sale in Torrevieja have a great attraction for the US real estate market? 

Living in one of the villas for sale in Torrevieja is the dream of any lover of Spain

If we offer you our villas for sale in Torrevieja, it is because we know that this population arouses a captivating interest among its visitors.

Due to its extraordinary characteristics it has become a multicultural population, since thousands of its inhabitants come from different parts of the planet who have decided to settle here to enjoy its wonderful beaches and its sun.

The Mediterranean Sea bathes the coast of this international tourist center where the sun shines more than three hundred days a year and its rainfall rate is practically nil.

Torrevieja enjoys this healthy and exceptional climate due to both its coastal situation and its two large salt mines.

Its annual average temperature oscillates 20º, so any time is ideal to enjoy the sun and the sea.

It is located on the Mediterranean Costa Blanca where, within a radius of a few kilometers, you will find a significant concentration of relevant golf courses where amateur and professional tournaments are held, both nationally and internationally.

Water sports enthusiasts have one of the largest marinas in Spain, where in addition to hiring your yacht, you can have fun practicing various aquatic disciplines.

Torrevieja has some extraordinary communications by national highway and highway that, of comfortable and fast form, will approach you to the international airports of Murcia or Alicante.

It is in this beautiful corner of the Spanish Costa Blanca where we want to offer you our spacious villas for sale in Torrevieja, where you will enjoy its extensive and landscaped private plot and its beautiful private pool.

You will have the option to choose the houses with the number of bedrooms you want, in order to receive visits from your family and friends.

Why do the villas for sale in Torrevieja have a great attraction for the US real estate market? 

We offer you the confidence and professionalism you need to acquire one of the villas for sale in Torrevieja

To acquire one of the villas for sale in Torrevieja you need the advice and confidence of a professional and experienced real estate agent.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you see our magnificent personalized attention and our closeness, which will give you the confidence and security that you need to deposit in the person with whom you are going to manage the purchase of your new home.

The guarantee that we do a good job is guaranteed by our clients who, given their great satisfaction with our management, recommend us to their acquaintances in their countries of origin.

We have a highly qualified team that will inform you about the entire process of buying a home in Spain and its differences with American procedures.

Another advantage that you have is that the language will not be a problem.

Before buying the house we will check all the information about it and make a detailed study of the costs, not only the amount of the house, but also the expenses of the different professionals and the taxes generated by the transaction.

We will provide you with all the procedures related to the process of buying your new home, as well as all the steps you need to take when you arrive in Spain.

We are at your disposal at all times. After the sale, we will continue advising you, if you wish, on the questions that are posed to you.

We put at your service our long experience and professionalism so that the purchase of one of our villas for sale in Torrevieja is comfortable and fast.

To contact us you can:

  • Fill out the contact form that appears on the web.
  • Send us an email to info@promediahomes.com
  • Call us at +34 601 223 257
  • Visit us at our offices located in the Los Dolses Shopping Center - Local 183 - Papaya Street - 03189 Villamartín (Orihuela Costa - Alicante).

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